• Life isn’t about the
    destination, it’s about
    the process

  • Through her writings, and her voice, she reminds us all of our duty to create high level work for ground level impact.

Life isn’t about the
destination, it’s about
the process

Tasion Kwamilele

MeetTasion Kwamilele

From a 7th grade writing prompt & poetry slam competitions to national
conferences, curated private readings and keynote
addresses, Oakland native Tasion leans on her life experiences, professional astuteness & faith to shape the narratives she shares through her writings.

A graduate of Howard University with a B.A in English and UC Berkeley with a Master Degree in Journalism, Tasion believes education is the key to opening the door to limitless possibilities, but “hustle and motivation” is the ultimate manifestation factor.

Tasion began her career as a local reporter, which gave her the opportunity cover to meet and interview leaders from various sectors including Kevin Hart, Charles Woodson, Barry Gordy, Bill Cosby, Too $hort, Gavin Newsom and  many more.

Having shared the stage with literary and
political giants such as Congresswoman Barbara Lee, the late Amiri Baraka, Sunni Patterson and Saul Williams, Tasion believes in the
interconnectedness of our work
for the greater good.

She is a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated and the mother to  1 teenage daughter.